Friday, May 16, 2008

Jerome and Sedona, Arizona

Today was time to visit Jerome and Sedona, Arizona. Aunt Mary drove us to Sedona
to meet my cousin, her daughter Jamara, for lunch, then drive on up to Jerome. This was the first time I had seen Jamara since she was a baby so there was lots of catching up to do. She is now a metal artist with her partner, Howard. And like the rest of us they are dog lovers, too. Must be nice to take your dogs to work with you.

After lunch we took off to Jerome. I had heard this was a quirky little town. It is an old mining town, built into the hills. Curves and ledges….

Legend has it that the town is sliding down the mountain, a fraction of an inch at a time.
But that didn't stop us from shopping. We did resist all temptation at the candy shop though.
Quirky is right!. The cutest shop in town used to be a brothel called The House of Joy
The view back to Sedona was magnificent.
Erwin, my uncle, JimEd, and JimEd’s nephew flew from Flagstaff to Sedona for lunch.

It was quite a bumpy trip with lots of crosswinds, but a good pilot. The view was worth the bumps and shakes though.

Las Vegas to Flagstaff

We stayed one extra day in Las Vegas to finish up our sightseeing, lose a bit more money, and once again wait out the winds. We left by way of the Hoover Dam,wow what a sight. The last time we were in Vegas, we had toured the dam site so we did not stop. But we did drag our camper across the dam. The trip's scenery was a tad boring in a way because it was like the trip to Vegas. Then we hit trees and green grass, finally. Another exciting event was rain. We figured we had not seen rain since the middle of March when we left Livingston.

We arrived at my aunt's house with no problems. In Flagstaff that one day they had had rain, snow and hail. In one day!

We are parked on their property right across the driveway from their house, so we visit back and forth. Out our side windows is a horse pasture for Sally. Out our back window we can watch the goats and their kids play. We are hooked up to their electricity with a long cord and their water....we love this campground!

Since we have been here, we have been treated like royalty. For almost a week it has been family stuff with cousins, second cousins and more cousins!We have had big family dinners, gone out to eat,shopped, and just had a blast! Mother's Day about 17 of us went out to dinner...all ages from 6 to 69.

Monday, the day after Mother's Day, Erwin, my aunt and uncle and I went to Lake Powell to spend 2 nights on their boat, The Fella-Ship. Talk about strange weather....when we left here it was sunny and cool, just perfect weather. By that night we were freezing in the rain as we ran from the car to the boat. My uncle said we would have snow by morning and we just laughed at him. Sure enough Flagstaff had nine inches that night and the next day! We just had cold but sun. We cruised the lake for about 5 hours. So different from lakeshores in the East. This is all big rocks, sand, no trees and green water.

Today, Erwin is flying with Uncle Jim and his nephew to Sedona. Aunt Mary and I are supposed to go to Jerome and Sedona, but it looks as if that trip may be delayed. I am content to watch the horses and goats play, so that is all right.