Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's all about the yarn

Geez I am getting old and decrepit. My hip hurts, my back hurts,etc. I cannot bend over...I cannot sleep, Geez!

Going shopping for yarn seemed the only therapy that worked. So off we go.

(Oh I am in Illinois for a few days with a friend I shall refer to as Wise Woman.)

We had done this a year ago almost to the day. It was interesting to see how some shops had improved, Have Ewe Any Wool in Elmhurst, some had declined, Chicks with Sticks in Forest Park, and some that no longer exist, a local yarn shop.

The local shop had been closed for 2 years we found out..Wise Woman you need to get out more!

We each had our own agenda. Wise woman was looking for a yarn to match some that she had bought years ago; I was looking for a bargain, any yarn, any size, just not full price. We had a great time here...Sale and a sidewalk sale at that, too cool.She bought, got a great deal, just not what she went in for. I bought Great sale, met my criteria.

We looked in Wool and Co in Geneva, but we were overwhelmed by the choices.
When does it happen that too large a selection is just totally overwhelming? What is the magic number? I had this feeling that all the yarn was staring at me asking to be released from this prison and set free, weird, I know.

We had been in Have Ewe Any Wool last year. It was upstairs, not a good idea and was larger and messier than I would have liked, but the owner was friendly and helpful. She has since moved her shop downstairs,( acting on my suggestion, totally I am sure) to a smaller area with better lighting and a friendlier atmosphere. This is one of the best shops I have been in so far this trip. My knit groups at home would love this place and the owner.

With me being cranky and old, we left the rest for another day.

Last year, I swear I would have spent my last dime in Chixs with Stix, but this year it just did not do it for me. My mood? Their lack of inventory? I don't know. but I visited it on a different day and left sort of disappointed, did not even by a stitch marker.I think they have re arranged the store maybe, I don't know. I found it very funny that the women were complaining about the cool summer. What is that about? I LOVE IT! Last year when I was here it was 90+++. Not conducive to being around wool,let me tell you.

More yarn shops on the horizon I am sure.

Good therapy. I feel much better already.

Knitting Info

According to a knitting guru, these are the essential tools needed in a knitting bag:

measuring tape
notebook and pencil
copy of pattern
crochet hook
needles- a set in the size currently in use, one set larger and one set smaller
needle gauge
post it notes
darning needle
stitch holder
stitch marker
row counter

What? No Altoid tin? No crossword puzzle book? No photo of what you are not really sure? Receipts for groceries (like you are ever going to return them). Dog ball dropped in all slimey and gross...three pennies and most important of all, YARN, hello!Several balls of yarn, several kinds of yarn, unidentified yarn ( Where did that come?? from type yarn)
All the above starting with the Altoid tin have been in my knitting bag at one time or another.

What's in your yarn bag, America?