Saturday, May 24, 2008

Springville, Utah

Ah...we are back in below 7000ft. altitude. This time the altitude really bothered us or else we realized why we were so tired all the time. We have had a wonderful time in AZ and UT but we are here to rest for about 5 days then on to Yellowstone.
It was great being with my family in Flagstaff for two weeks.Every morning my view was a mountain peak covered with snow.
Until I started writing the blog and putting in pictures I had no idea how busy we were in Flagstaff. But when you have an aunt, uncle, five cousins and all their children to see it takes a while. We had a cookout, a cook-in, a family dinner and breakfast. Plus Mary and I had a great time going through old pictures and family history.Then add in all the touristy things we wanted to do....It was so much fun, we cannot wait to go back.
We went to the Grand Canyon for a day;then we took off for Utah to see Zion Canyon and Bryce Canyon. I think we have about "red rock canyoned out"now. But they were all different. Two we were on the rim looking down and one were on the bottom looking up.
And has the weather been strange or what? We have gone from over 100 in Yuma to in the 20's this week. We have seen snow and been snowed on. Some of the view were just spectacular. Trust me, no camera can do the Grand Canyon justice...........nor Highway 14 in Utah.We have seen atelope, buffalo, deer, ravens and cute posing squirrels.
Fantastic...we have tickets to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in concert tomorrow!!!!!Excitement.So much for rest.........
More pictures and back-posts to come.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Hoo doo and Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon Entrance
We got up yesterday morning to cold weather,wind and overcast skies.
Bad weather at Bryce But it was our last day here so we took off to Bryce Canyon, about 30 miles away.
We had read about hoodoos and were determined to see them. Up in the cliffs it was snowing, sleeting and sometimes hailing. But today was a good day for wild life. We saw pronghorn deer, mule deer and jack rabbits, but no Big horned sheep........We awoke this moroning to about an inch of snow in MAY! Can you believe it?
Enjoy the pictures. Once again the sights were too panoramic for my poor camera skills
Brer Rabbit
Wild life in Bryce Canyon, Utah

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Grand Canyon


Erwin and I made our second trip in three years to the Grand Canyon. During the first visit it rained and snowed. This time the temperature was perfect,in the 80’s.
On the trip up to the Canyon we went by Hwy 89 & 64. Our first stop was at the Colorado Gorge to see the Indian jewelry, pottery and arrows. The land was very arid and flat with no trees and gorges here and there. Most of it is Indian Reservation Land.P1020746P1020732 P1020739P1020734
When we arrived at the canyon, we stopped at the Lodge and had lunch and boarded the free shuttle bus to take us up the Hermitage Rest Trail. This is a part of the canyon accessible only by bus. I think on that day we were the only American’s visiting the park. It was also rather strange to realize that the park’s restaurants and gift shops are managed by a Chinese company. We took a few short hikes103_2891103_2894 P1020730
but time was short and we wanted to see as much as we could. P1020794
Watching the mules and hikers come up from the canyon floor was really something!
These trips are booked sometimes as much as a year in advance.

At one time mining was allowed in the canyon. Can you imagine the fuss we tree huggers would create today if it was allowed?
Our trip home was totally different than going. We came back to Flagstaff by Hwy 64, up and down mountains and through Aspen tree forests. It was gorgeous. One would never know that just over on the other side of the hill was the Grand Canyon.