Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fun Day Part 2

What the %$#@ ?

This is called a work around. I cannot get to a second page or the rest of the page I was on.  It just stops. Blogspot what are you doing?

Anyway... my question to all you artsy people is how did they paint this pumpkin?

And this little guy

 After the garden railroad display for him, we went to

 I cannot describe how beautiful this Basilica is. It is breathtaking.

 It was also rather odd to see students praying in the church. Amazing. We were there at confession time and all the booths were filled. I quit trying to take pictures and just listened to our guide talk.

Fun day

Happy Hollow-ween!

After all the repairs, cleaning, rearranging, and housekeeping chores we have done this week it was time to look around and see what is here. We have done the sights in Goshen,shopped in Shipshewana and played with our friends here in the campground. So a trip through the Indiana tourism book was in order.

We chose Valparaiso, IN for our day trip. The Taltree Arboretum has a model train layout that is advertised as something we don't want to miss. Bless you Google Maps! We would have never found this place on our own.It is a rather small arboretum with only 4 trails but the model train  area took about 3 hours of our life. I am sure the guy at the top of the page felt the same way.

The engineer figured out that there were about 5 closed loops for the G-scale trains to run on. The designers included every kind of bridge that a train would go over.

I'll bet this was a shock:

The display had a coal mine and train, a sawmill and train, a dock and train,and an armed train to fight a battle in the Civil War. It also included a small field hospital for the wounded..