Thursday, July 30, 2009

Knitting Info

According to a knitting guru, these are the essential tools needed in a knitting bag:

measuring tape
notebook and pencil
copy of pattern
crochet hook
needles- a set in the size currently in use, one set larger and one set smaller
needle gauge
post it notes
darning needle
stitch holder
stitch marker
row counter

What? No Altoid tin? No crossword puzzle book? No photo of what you are not really sure? Receipts for groceries (like you are ever going to return them). Dog ball dropped in all slimey and gross...three pennies and most important of all, YARN, hello!Several balls of yarn, several kinds of yarn, unidentified yarn ( Where did that come?? from type yarn)
All the above starting with the Altoid tin have been in my knitting bag at one time or another.

What's in your yarn bag, America?

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