Sunday, July 19, 2009

Howe Indiana

We had a wonderful time in Kentucky visiting with relatives then on to Indianapolis to visit with more relatives. Now we are in Howe Indiana at a campground we have stayed in numerous times. At $14.00 a night, it cannot be beat.

The weather has been absolutely perfect, even on the cool side. Last night it got down to 51 degrees!

Yesterday was too pretty to stay inside, so we went on a geocacheing expedition around here. I love this geocaching thing;we go places that we would never think of visiting and find pretty picture taking sites.


We would have never visited this place. It is an archery target range provided by the county, but inside it reminds us of home...

The trip was success

There are targets set in the woods and archers use $1000 bows and arrows to shoot them...sort of shocked me when I turned around and saw this

We walked across miles of boardwalk spanning the marsh and heard all kinds of creepy crawlies in the bushes. Actually saw the tail end of a snake as it slithered along, saw cute chipmunks scampering in the brush and beautiful flowers in the pond....
all in all a good day to be outside.

Later, we went to the little commercial town of Shipshewana for another cache and found a small festival going on. If you are interested in Bluegrass, watch for this young group of boys calling themselves The Rocky Roads. They are brothers aged 11, 13,and 15. They are really something. During their appearance at the Beanblossom Bluegrass Festival the 15 yr old banjo player was given a banjo worth over $3000 by one of the best pickers in the nation....and we saw them when.

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