Monday, October 12, 2009

So much for resolutions....

I had resolved to work more on this blog and update it at least once a week since I could use it as a log of my weekly activities. Not that many people read it and those that do are sure to be interested in my every move and thought, right? The lurkers deserve to be bored!
I had not done much on the genealogy part of my hobbies.I had gone about as far as I could on my mother's family and my father's side. Far enough to get one individual in the DAR and me started on the process. Plus I was in contact with numerous relatives from that side of the families that I never knew existed.
However, I had come to a standstill on the Heins side.
Then I decided that there had to be information out there, I just had to find it. I mean they lived in this very town. How hard could it be? So I asked for help from a number of people. Those that responded were a great help. More on that later....
I went to the local German cemetery here. From there I got lots of names but very few connections just names. Then I went to the new amazing library in downtown Charleston and started digging. I found burial records that listed names, date of birth, date of death, where buried, next of kin and cause of death. (It is all too sad to find the death of a young child listed as dying from "teething".)
From that information, I just kept looking. The library has baptism records, some marriage records and some burial records on microfilm from the local Big German church.
Geez those microfilm readers have not changed since I was in college in the 60's, and I do remember the 60's but that is another post.
The library had city directories from the 1800's that listed addresses and occupations for some of the relatives.
Names, names and still no family connections. I know they are related, they all came from about the same place in Germany with the same last name, but how are they connected?

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aya said...

My Dad's big into genealogy, I'll ask him if there's any websites that he found particularly helpful. I know he found a who branch of over 100 people in just one hit. I'll email you if he gives me any website names. :D