Sunday, March 14, 2010

Little Grand Canyon

Did you know that Georgia had a grand Canyon? I didn't. After we left Brunswick we drove forever on two lane highways to reach Providence Gorge. We had a beautiful campsite but it was miles and miles from anything. We were on a lake;on one side is Georgia, on the other Alabama.
Apparently this Gorge was created by erosion caused by farmers plowing up the fields for cotton planting. This is a good study on the layers and colors found in the Georgia clay.
We hiked a few trails, but the trails were slick so we did not venture far.

One day just riding around we found out we were not far from the boyhood home of Jimmy Carter.We had been to Plains years ago, but it was just a train stop then, not too much touristy things. This trip, we went to his boyhood home, drove past his present home, toured his high school and read information about our past president.

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