Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Two Amys or Amy's or Amy times 2

There are two Amys in my life at the moment...One good one evil...No! that is not right.
One tall one short? No that is not right either.
One that lives with me and one that visits? Could be.
One Yankee, one Southerner, now we are getting closer.
One that gave the yarn and one that made the sweater... Yep that is right, whew!

I am so fortunate... I did not have to buy the yarn. I did not have to make the sweater. I do get to wear it, and I better wear it often since the weather is warmer......

1 comment:

aya said...

So I'm the tall good northerner that visits, right? ;)

The sweater looks fabulous on you! And, WOW. It goes with those pants really well - it really draws out the stripe and the variegation!

enjoy! :D