Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Poor ole blog

This poor ole blog just gets forgotten in the daily life of a stay-at-home who is seldom home.I mean to write things. I do. I lead a rather interesting life, not Hollywood style or anything, but full of friends and activities that I enjoy.

As a matter of fact,I think I have over extended myself by joining too many groups. I mean I am in two book clubs which means I have to read at least two books a month...Ah Ha...unless I am smart and some how jigger them around so that they are reading the same that is a thought.

I belong to two quilt groups. One is small and meets every Monday night. We seem to be at my house about every 4 weeks for dinner, drinks, desserts and stitching. I love those women! We have such fun planning the meals and cooking for each other. Of course, they are in one of my book clubs.

The other is a quilt guild with about three hundred or more members. Needless to say most of them don't know my name and that is okay with me! I go to this one for inspiration. I love Show and Tell. there are some talented quilters here in Charleston.

I had to stop and count the number of knit groups I am in. One meets every other Sunday afternoon, one meets every Tuesday, one meets every other Wed afternoon,and one meets the third Thursday of the month. A few of us are in the quilt guild together too; oh right, and in book club together.

I am, at least I think I am still, in a spinning group

that meets on the second Saturday of the month. A bit of confusion here because I haven't been in a couple of months. But I have had good reasons not to attend, it is called overbooked. Last Saturday I was in Charlotte taking a spinning class and freezing.

There is church on Wednesday night and Sunday morning most of the time; plus a Bible study which I am definitely dropping out of. Then there is the circle meeting. Now that is a group. I think I am the youngest one in that group. Most of them are in their late 70's and 80's. They are hard workers for charity and church and such cute women. A couple can no longer drive so someone has to pick them up from Assisted Living. Some cannot hear, so a member has to sit by them and repeat everything that is said. A couple come just because we serve lunch. Many are second and third generation members of our church.

We are in two camping groups. We try to take our 5th wheel out about every other month and do something fun. Next month we will go to Myrtle Beach with other campers from the area then in April we will meet about 200 campers for a rally in North Carolina. That is always a great time.last time out I learned to play Dominoes. Hope I haven't forgotten how. I had a patient teacher, but to reteach me may be asking too much.

There are things that I do that do not include groups such as genealogy, crossword puzzles and knitting on projects that cannot be done in groups because I have to count, or sewing with my machine and NEW serger. I try to play golf but I am so awful that turns into a joke. Oh! and a friend and I walk three days a week at the local park.

I am sure there is more but right now I am floored by all this.This has certainly helped me realize why I seem to live with Google Calendar as my best friend!I love my life!

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