Sunday, December 14, 2014

Big Adventure

Today was the day! We have waited since the middle of November to start the Big Adventure. Each week something came up that delayed our trip. But finally we are out of Charleston.

We had to leave about two hours later than we had planned. We had a slight problem with the didn't.
 So the whole camper landed its front weight on the tailgate of
Lt. Rosie (our Chevrolet 2500 pull mobile.)Thank God for Mr. FixIt! With a little physics and physical manpower we were able to lift the trailer and re-hitch. We did lose the tailgate,
but that is ok...We are on the road.

We drove to Jacksonville, flinching each time the hitch made a sound. We were afraid it would unhitch again although we knew it was well connected..I had visions of it passing us on I-10 but it didn't.

For a while we had been talking about staying in FamCamps, campgrounds sponsored by the military for retired military, military,  and DoD retirees. since Mr. Fixit at one time held a security clearance higher than most, we were pretty sure we could get on base with his ID but ya never know.We enjoyed our stay, got to play golf and go to St. Augustine.

The view from my front door:
 Cute little cars in St. Augustine to tour the city.
 Brother-in-law this is for you!
 Shady Campground. See Lt.Rosie?

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