Monday, December 29, 2014


We stayed in Seguin one more day than we had anticipated. We always get our medicines on the road from Walmart. But for some reason they were out of both our medicines. We had to wait for them to restock. Even then, they didn't have what we needed and we had to go elsewhere and have prescriptions transferred. What a mess.

But being the seasoned travelers that we are, and being very flexible, we made the best of it.
Seguin is a small town whose only claim to fame that we can fine is that Juan Sequin was born here and is buried here. Juan was the messenger sent by Col Travis from the Alamo to Sam Houson to request more troops. He was not at the slaughter at the Alamo, but came back to bury the bodies and help those that did survive to escape. He laster became Mayor of San Antonio.

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