Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Oh Deer

We are in Sevierville, TN. We have been here since April 8, and have not really scouted around the area like we normally do. Why? Too much fun at the rally. We had a small rally with Chapter 29 of Escapees, then a much larger rally for SKP ACRE following the small rally. So we have seen many people come and go and a lot stay. That is a good thing.
But the weather has not played nice. It has rained and rained. The ground is soaked. The river is rising.
I am a bit paranoid about the rivers since that whole campground washed away in Arkansas several years back. But, since we never park on the river side of any campground, we are fine.
Today was less overcast than most of the days so we took off. We were supposed to take a motor trail through the Smokies but it was closed.
So we just hung around played with the camera. That is my idea of fun anyway.

We found a picturesque old cabin,and signs of Spring everywhere.

But the best part happened when we were discovered by two deer who were so intent on eating lunch, they didn't mind me being five feet away. I think they actually posed for some of the fifty shots I took.

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Jim and Sandie said...

You definitely have gotten a lot of rain in that area. As long as the rig isn't sinking you should be okay. I love deer - they are such beautiful animals.