Thursday, April 2, 2015

We are Home!

We have been home for about 2 weeks now. We had three weeks between getting our level-ups installed and the SKP ACRES 2015 rally. At first, we thought we would just  find someplace in NC, stay at one campground for the three weeks and let the tires cool off. Then we thought ...why pay for a campground when we can go home for three weeks, get a few doctor visits taken care of, see family, etc. Plus we were just tired.

The first week was incredibly busy. There was an illness in the family, so I was busy running back and forth from my house to theirs, trying to be helpful but thinking that I am in the way. Then, there were all the doctors who missed us while we were gone. Isn't it funny that now a regular visit is really two visits, one for blood work and one to see the Dr. So two days screwed up. If you get your eyes dilated that is two people who have their days taken over.We still have a cardiologist to visit and a dog groomer.

But Thank you, Lord. We are in good health. We have good insurance and wonderful supportive family.

The weather has been typical for this time of the year in Charleston....rainy, beautiful, cool, warm windy, humid. You name it we have it.

I have been busy downloading pictures to my computer. I want to make one of those picture albums from our trip, but how many pictures of sunset and cactus do I include?

We are planning to sell our condo and buy a house.o We would like one with no HOA.. But to buy a house without a HOA means probably buying either way out in the country or buying in an old neighborhood. I do not want to live thirty miles from the nearest grocery, doctor, etc. and I don't want to live in a construction zone as we redo an older home.I have lived with  both of those options and really don't want to experience it again.

For now I think I just want to think about our trip and how fortunate we were to see:
The Mississippi River. It had ice and snow in it.

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis

The friendliest goat, ever.

Arizona Sunset

Tucson bird


Jim and Sandie said...

HOAs can really be a pain to deal with and sometimes have the dumbest laws. Glad all the doctor appointments are going well. That's always good news.

Jan Mains said...

Sounds like you have a full plate. I wish we could be there for the ACRE rally. I think you have a perfect site reserved.

Norman said...

Welcome home. Looking forward to seeing you at SKP Acres.

Norman & Carol