Saturday, April 26, 2008

Change of Plans

( Written on April 24th)
We are now in Yuma about 2 mi from California. We will be here two nights, for laundry,groceries,etc. Then on to Imperial Dam in California, again boondocking for 2 or three days then to LAS VEGAS (to win gas money we hope!), unless something else catches our attention.
(Written on April 26th)Well once again our plans have changed.................
We happened to look at the weather channel and realized it would be over 100 degrees here by next week, so we are taking ourselves to the mountains probably on Wed afternoon or Thurs. We have to wait for our mail to be delivered, then we are gone.This campground closes Wed so we hope to have our mail if not we will move down the street.We had talked about Las Vegas, but 100 degrees, I don't know. We will watch the weather.
I think we will wind up in Camp Verde or Cottonwood for a few days and hopefully catch up with a few friends there.

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