Sunday, April 27, 2008

We have found Salvation (Mountain)

It is too hot here to even think about sight seeing or doing anything outside. The humidity percentage is so low that if you get wet, you shiver because the air just sucks the moisture from your body. I gave the poodles a bath and took them outside to dry. In 103 degree weather I didn't see that it would take too long even for them. I sat in the shade and looked down at poor Buffy. Not only did she look like a drowned rat, she was shivering. What the ???? I felt her coat and it was ice cold. Evaporation is such a cool thing.Moved her to the sun and that solved the problem.
When you cannot go outside and play the next best thing is to get in the car and drive. We have heard about The Slabs and Salvation Mountain for years.Since Niland was only a few miles away comparatively we decided a day trip was in order. If we liked it we would come back and camp, if we didn't then the trip was definitely worth it.
We drove for miles in the desert replete with sand , sand dunes, boon dockers and heat. When we first reached Niland we knew we were in for something unusual to say the least.
Definitely we were overdressed.
But hope and direction were right around the corner.
Just a few more miles of this and we would be there!
Ah ha! there on the side of the road another art project.
And a bit further on. All I could say was, "Oh My"At least 50 feet high and close to 200 ft across...all images from the Bible.

Yes folks, seeing is believing.
And I believe that Slab City is not for me! I felt like we were in the midst of a rag pickers commune. I am sure that during the season, it is full of 5th wheelers, motor homes, etc, but right now all that is there is the rag tag of society.

Oh my.

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