Thursday, June 12, 2008

Blizzard and Heat Stroke

We left West Yellowstone yesterday in the worst snowstorm. It was so bad that we could barely see across the street. But our camp host told us just get on the road and it will be better,true. Erwin shoveled snow off our slide outs and broke up ice hunks just so we could slide them in.
I cannot believe how much snow we have had and seen since May...first in Flagstaff then in Zion and Bryce Canyon and now YNP. Most of the roads through the park were closed yesterday due to the snow fall so we wound up going twice the distance just to get to our destination, Cody WY.
Today it is warm and sunny.We are only about 50 miles from the East entrance to the park, so I plan to go again. We could not get to this side from West Yellowstone due to the snow. Actually the snow was fabulous but it sure limited my fun.It just isn't fun to be wet and cold and fight the wind. How do you Chicagoans do it, or why?
Cody is a cute town but we have seen very little of it so far. Our camper needed to be put to right again after all the snow and rain and the trip. We were seldom home in West Yellowstone but we had wet clothing all over the place drying.
What a mess. But we are back together,clothes dried, groceries have been bought and stowed and we will site-see tomorrow, maybe later today.
Diesel fuel is about $.30 cheaper here than in MT. (Did you know that there is not a "cents" symbol on the keyboard?,hrmph)So we may do a little more. We will be here a week then make our way to Gillette WY for a rally.

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ames said...

How do you Chicagoans do it, or why?

Because the worst day of snow is better than the hottest day of summer. :D