Monday, June 9, 2008

So, How has your June been so far?

Can you believe snow in June. We have had snow since June 6th and looks as if more is on the way.

P1040014 P1040013

There is a lot of Yellowstone Park that we cannot even get into due to icy roads( In June?) and an avalanche( In June?)
The first day we were here I kept telling Erwin I would love to come back when there was snow on the ground and I wanted to see bears.
The snow I got right away, the bears took a bit longer.


I am still amazed at the stupid people that you see in public. Yesterday we were stopped for a herd of bison to cross the street in front of us and this jerk coming from the other direction whipped around the stopped car in front of him, nudged his way into the herd, did not even stop, and proceeded to cuss us out for yelling at him....Where was that charging male bison when we needed him?????
But back to the snow. Our camp host said that in April snow would have been higher than our camper if we had been at the park. Now that is over 14 feet of snow! The TV station reported that over 50% of the bighorn sheep had died during the winter due to the unusual amounts of snow. My mind cannot take it in. Apparently this town only plows two streets. The rest you must use a snowmobile to pass.
I have never been as cold as I was the other day. Wind with ice pellets in it. This ole Southern gal isn't used to that.
But we soldiered on and saw a lot of the park that day. How often do you get to see Ol' Faithful in the snow?

This park is so huge that it is taking us almost a week to see the parts we can get in. Of course, if I didn't make Erwin stop every time I see a pullout we could see more. But I came to see not to speed.


I think this photo says it all....


Most of the tourists here are very helpful and will tell you where they have spotted beautiful scenery or wild life. Yesterday a young man heard me say I had never seen a bear and he told us where to find them. He was right on track. We saw several bears and a mother with her cub. We had to stay quite a distance away but we had binoculars and got very good views.

We also saw this "wolf-ote". We think it is a coyote, but we are not sure. He was trotting down the road and we never could see his face.

I think the most interesting part of the day was the mud volcano.

There is this rock with a hole at the bottom that oozes this yucky slate gray mud into a pool. there is bubbles and hisses and steams. I felt dinosaur eyes on me the whole time we were there.

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