Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mountain Goats and Lakes

We took many drives and had wonderful views, but the mountains that we passed going into the campground kept nagging at the old man. You see he had bought "hiking shoes" when we were in Salt Lake City. We had thought to try them out in YNP but the snow did us in.
Each time we left the camp he would look at those red mountains and try to see whether there were trails or not.Then one day the temptation was too great. He left in the morning to walk over and just study the mountains.I stayed in the campground with my eyes glued to the mountain top.
There he appeared!

That afternoon we trudged down to the Lake for the free boat rides. Most of you know that I am fascinated with young kids and their thinking. Well we were standing in line to get our free boat ride when this 9yr old cutie says,"We have to get the fast boat." Her grandmother wouldn't go with her and her brother, so we said we would take the fast boat.....Man, let's rethink that...too late.We wound up on a boat valued at over $60,000 designed to surf behind while on the lakes. It has power and it is fun! We have the two young ones that are sooooo excited and us plus another couple. The pilot took us down to the canyons where the walls are thousands of feet straight up

You can tell how worried I am about this....
Later that day we decided to go find the wild mustangs again. This time we wanted to see them on the other side of the mountains. We had heard that you could go up into the mountains on a dirt road and see a whole herd of them. So off we went. The road looks rather nice, right?

Even in the back hills, this part is marked
But the road just goes on for miles. Sometimes we can see the road, other times it goes on for miles and we hope we are actually on a road and not near the edge of the cliff

Convinced that we were lost;that we would be there forever; no one would know where we were and would not miss us for ever so long, and the puppies would starve and die and someone would eventually find our bleached bones inside the truck that I hate, I sort of panicked. Boy did I feel like a baby when we met coming from the other direction an old woman BY HERSELF driving down the mountain.She told us we had much further to go and that the horses were on top of the mountain. Did I mention it was over 90 degrees? So back down we go. Not so bad going down as going up, I might add. We got to the bottom of the mountain on good road and look what we found

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ahahahaha, I love the little pink circle around Dad. Awesome.