Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ride em cowboy

Our last two days in Cody we got our energy back and did a few things. We liked our campground. It was close to everything and had nice sites. Other campers told us about the largest museum in the West called the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. It is 5 buildings: Bill Cody Rooms, Firearms, Indian, Painting, and the Museum of Natural History plus a huge gift shop.We spent a couple of hours in the Cody Room and Erwin spent hours in the Fire Arms sections. We have been told it is the largest collection of firearms in the US. Quite impressive.

Look it is our next camper parked on the side of the road!
The next day we spent in downtown Cody. Bill Cody built this town. The most important building is his hotel, the Irma, named after his daughter. Every afternoon there is a Wild West Shootout in the street fronting the hotel.
It was hokey and hilarious.

We met a nice couple of ladies traveling through the West and got some good information on restaurants, sites and places to see from them.( No, not the ones in the picture!) In this lifestyle everyone is friendly and helpful.You never seem to meet a stranger or a person that won't share their knowledge of either campers or things to do and places to stay.
We took their advise and ate at Bubba's for dinner and then went to the rodeo.
Cody has a rodeo every night from June through August. It is where the guys you see on PRC get their start. There was bronco bustin', steer wrestlin', barrel racing, bull ridin', calf tyin' and clowns. We were entertained by The Village People, a one man show that was made up of life-size puppets in Village People costumes all supported on two sticks around the man....you just had to see it!Most of my pictures did not come out because of the darkness but I'll give you what I have.......
The absolute show stealer was a child about 6 on a small pony competing in the barrel racing. The women's time was about 17 seconds. This child with her dad leading her took 45 seconds. It was just precious. Another beautiful girl about 8 did the regular barrel course in under 17 seconds, beating all the women. Wish I could remember her name, she has a great future. There were youngsters competing in almost every event.

What a great day!

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