Saturday, July 5, 2008


Hum the theme song to Close Encounters of the Third Kind as you view these pictures.
We chose a very muggy day to go sightseeing, but at least there was no snow. There were a few hikes we could take (as in physically able to) so we chose the one that skirted the touristy area. We walked Joyner's Ridge.Once again the ridiculous warning signs but then again some of the people we have met might need this warning.

Whew! We were uphill and down, clamoring over rocks and almost sliding down the sides, but it was fun. I have a terrible fear of heights, so I was quite pleased that I could do this. Erwin says his sides hurt from laughing at me as I whined and griped, but
I DID IT.We were up there on the top. As we were walking through the marsh we saw deer and bunnies, but that was it for wild life.

We then went to the tourist shops.This sign was on the front door...guess they got tired of cleaning the floor.

Then as we were leaving we spotted the Prairie Dog Town. These guys are a big pest here in the pastures and ranch lands but they are cute and busy!

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aya said...

Neat pic of Devil's Tower. I have a strong need now to watch Close Encounters again. I'll have to steal it from Dad next time I'm home. :D