Saturday, July 5, 2008

The coming together of thousands

Since last September, our plan has been to tour some of the west,visit relatives, go to Yellowstone and attend the Escapees Rally in Gillette Wyoming.
Escapees, for all you uninformed, is a camping club that celebrated its 30th birthday this year with its 48th rally. The club owns several campgrounds and has several partnering campground throughout the US.
The rally consists of a merchandise mall, several large meetings, entertainment and seminars, plus fun and happy hours. There are over 1000 rigs here and approximately 2500 people. Incredible.
Now our mission is to get to Oshkosh,WS so that I can leave the wannabe pilot and go visit the awesome daughter and our friends.On the way we will go to Mt. Rushmore and surrounding areas, Sioux Falls to register to vote, see the House on the Rocks,etc.....
Always another corner to turn or hill to climb.

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