Monday, September 22, 2008

What to do????

Our plans all along have been to spend thru October in Elkhart Indiana to visit with family in Indianapolis and Chicago and friends there in Elkhart and Chicago. I got a call saying that my stepfather ( age 87+) is failing in health and that we need to come home. We are in the process of buying a condo in Charleston and thought this would be a great time to check on the building progress.Then Hurricanes Gustav and Hanna hit and get the East coast in an uproar. So I decide my place is in SC with my family in case there is a tropical disturbance and we need to get family out of Charleston.

The Red Cross called and activated Erwin to go to Houston to help with the recovery for here we are once again going our separate ways. I drove down to Charleston with the dogs, about a 900+ mile trip. Erwin stayed in Elkhart to get work finished on our 5th wheel and finish up paperwork for the Red Cross to be able to leave on Sept 17th for Houston, Dallas or wherever.

I arrived in Charleston with no problems and left the dogs with our son. My stepfather once again has rallied and seems to be doing fine. The Atlantic disturbances have calmed down and Erwin is there and I am here. At first it was OK I had a car and could go where and when I wanted without inconveniencing anyone...then a tractor trailer hit our son's truck. He needed wheels and mine were available, thank goodness. But I will get them back tomorrow. The builder has not even started our condo building and with the economy in such a mess right now I don't know when he will begin.

So what to do what to do.

While we were in Salt Lake City I got interested in genealogy and have been working through to trace my family history. That has been fun. When my dad told me we were related to over half the county of Pulaski in Kentucky, I really thought he was joking...but apparently he wasn't. So a trip to Pulaski County to the historical library is definitely in order. Erwin should be able to do most of his research right here in Charleston.

For some reason I brought along a lot of knitting projects so that works out too.

I did not bring the cord that connects my camera to the computer, so no pictures right now. I did not bring a phone charger.Necessities in the world I tell you!

But I had only planned to stay at my parents for a week. Now I am here until Oct 14th at least.....arghhhhhhhhhhhh.

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