Friday, November 21, 2008

Condo, condo...... Who has a condo...

We do, almost. We are supposed to close on it Tues. Then we get the furniture that Jonathan has been storing for us ...that which he will let us have back. Then Thanksgiving with my sister and family.

My washer and dryer are to be delivered Saturday and maybe my furniture for the living room. Off to Va to get our stuff out of storage on my birthday. We will move in hang around til the 19th of Jan moving and getting settled.On the 19th we will head to FL.Guess we will be back at the condo (aka the Cumberland) til summer and off once again ....This time to see the awesome daughter and our friends.

These old fuddy-duddies went to a rock concert Wed was fabulous. If you ever have a chance to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra, go. Heavy metal yes, fantastic laser light show, flames, smoke, and Broadway voices. It was breathtaking. Not anything like I imagined. I love Queen and there was quite a Queen influence plus a little Meatloaf with the rock opera and a little Pink Floyd influence with the lasers, but my goodness it was good.

I think, however, one of the top requirements to be in the show is to have long "slingy" hair. I did get tired of the hair gyrations...actually it got rather humerous.But the lights, the lasers, the flames ,and the sound made up for it all. My camera pictures got totally washed away with the lights and all.So no pics, sorry.We bought the album, but not the t-shirts. So much fun. I was so excited it took me hours to fall asleep.

We also went to see Quantum of Solace. Don't bother. It was such a disappointment. I loved DC in the first 007 but this one was awful.

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ames said...

Oh,that concert sounds like so much fun! I love surprises like that, where you're not expecting anything and end up loving it.

I am SO READY to come home in a couple of weeks, you have no idea.