Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back on the road

We're back!!!

After spending weeks moving into our new home, we left it on Monday. We had had all the normal life we could stand, so we took our dogs to the Boy's house and packed our cameras and headed South. We had a wonderful 2 months with family and friends. We found a church we like right down the road from our condo, we found the Wal Mart, less than 2 miles from us and the golf course about 7 miles away....what more do we need?But twas time we felt to get back in the swing of RVing...we have this thing we have to use it.
So we are in Skidaway State Park, Georgia just about 30 miles from Savannah...

Ah Savannah. I had not been there since the 70's. At that time it was just crummy and dirty with "ghetto " written all over the beautiful homes in the down town area. Along came 5 women with the great idea of an historic area and boom! Tourism was born.

The town is set up in a grid with large parks throughout
As you know I have gotten really interested in genealogy. I found out we are related to the Jaspers from South Carolina.

William Jasper was a career sodier in the Revolutionary War. He lived and married in Charleston and fought with the colonists at Fort Moultrie on Sullivan's Island. He also fought in Savannah where he died. There is a nice statue of him in one of the parks .
We are direct descendants of his brother, Nicholas who also fought in the Revolutionary War. The internet is amazing, isn't it?

Short history lesson:

Nicholas Jasper was born on 7 Jun 1752 in Georgetown SC. Elizabeth Wyatt (first Wife.) Nicholas was a patriot and served under General Marion and General William Richardson Davie in North Carolina and South Carolina. After the close of the Revolutionary War he settled in Pulaski County Kentucky, where he reared a large family of as brave and patriotic sons as were ever born to a Revolutionary Patriot. It is generally acknowledge he was very instrumental person in the founding of Pulaski County, Kentucky. After serving as a soldier, senior justice and sheriff of Pulaski County, he died on 14 May 1827 at the home of his son Thomas, at Fishing Creek and was buried in the family plot in the Sinking Creek Church graveyard. He was one of the noble pioneers of Kentucky.
Children of Nicholas Jasper and Eliz Wyatt: Jasper, John Sex: Male born: February 05, 1768 in South Carolina died April 11, 1849 in Pulaski County, Kentucky (Buried in Sinking Creek Cemetery). Jasper, Elizabeth Sex: Female born: in South Carolina died March 07, 1816 in Pulaski County, Kentucky. Jasper, Mary Sex: Female born April 02, 1777 in Pulaski County, Kentucky died September 24, 1838 in Somerset, Pulaski County, Kentucky. Jasper, Achilles Sex: Male born 1779. Jasper, Thomas Sex: Male born: 1780 died July 1838. Jasper, Sarah Sex: Female born 1782. Jasper, Rachel Sex: Female born 1785 died August 09, 1810. Jasper, Nicholas, Jr. Sex: Male born Abt. 1786. Jasper, Abraham Sex: Male born February 06, 1789 in Union County, South Carolina died 1860 in Somerset, Pulaski County, Kentucky married Elizabeth Baker. Jasper, Andrew Sex: Male born 1774 in Virginia died abt. 1858 in KeKalb County, Missouri.
His brother was the Revolutionary war hero Sergeant William Jasper.
His son Thomas Jasper represented Pulaski County in the Kentucky Legislature of 1833,34,34.

Sort of spooky the way my family has lived in SC, Georgia and Pulaski County, KY.

It is very cold here. We thought the campground had turned off the water because of that but found out later that there is a broken water main somewhere that caused our water outage. It is very irritating not to have water, but we are managing....just one more bother.

I will say that Savannah has much more spanish moss than Charleston. I think all Charleston's blew away during Hurricane Hugo. The historic district is just way too spread out for me, but then the parks are gorgeous. Charleston and Savannah have fought for a long time about wich town is more historic, which port is better and which one is more beautiful. Can you read the name on the ship?

We are leaving either tomorrow or Fri morning for Wauchula, Fl. There is a nice campground there not too far from Sebring. The man wants to go to an air show in Sebring and I have gobs of projects I want to finish in the next 6 weeks.....a quilt that needs hand quilting, a baby afghan that needs finishing, promised dishcloths that have not even been started, pictures that need editing, and the list goes on.........


ames said...

woe, I cannot read the name on the ship. :c

Savannah is very pretty, but I definitely prefer Charleston.

Journey of Miles said...

The ship's name is Ever Dainty. Dainty is not a word that would easily come to mind when looking at how much the thing carries and how big it is........