Friday, January 23, 2009

Bar Talk

Overheard at Spanky's Bar in Savannah

Man in Overalls: "I watched the whole inauguration. It was something of history. It brought tears to my eyes."
Lady drinking Vodka Tonic: "Oh really, which part made you cry?"
Man: "When they sang that prayer."
Lady: "What prayer, I don't remember them singing a prayer."
Man: "You know the one they sing at all the sports events."
Lady: "The Lord's Prayer?"
Man: "No, hell, not that one."
Lady: "God bless America?
Man: "I swear woman. The one they do at NASCAR."
Lady: "The Star Spangled Banner?"
Man:"Yeah, that prayer."

Oh dear.

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aya said...

OH, that's funny! :D