Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I am completely and totally overwhelmed. I have done it to myself and I cannot blame anyone els...OK, I can blame Erwin, but what else is new.
Again I have started way too many projects at one time and I cannot seem to settle down to just one.

1) I still have one more quilt to finish and mail. I should get the backing on it today. Then all that is left is the quilting, which I will do by machine, and the binding, which will also be done by machine. Then, off to FedEx whoo hoo!

2) I have started knitting a small rug for my laundry room. I know, one more project, but AC Moores had the yarn on sale for $.99 a skein. I love Peaches and Cream Yarn, and a sale...an irresistible mix. The pattern is very simple and I am using it as my travel project.

3) I bought oodles of lovely pink yarn sort of rose colored for a sweater that a friend said was easy and that I should try.....I might hate her by the time this is over, ha.

4) I am still working on my two socks on one needle project. Hint: No matter how messed up it gets DO NOT take them off the needle and then put them back on...no,no,no. I have a space relationship problem anyway, and this just about took me to my crazy place. I think I have salvaged this, but I am not sure. I hope to finish this and I don't think I will try it again. With all the moving and fiddling and counting I could have finished one sock by now, but no, I have two socks unfinished.

5) Mother's Day is on its way. I have invited the family here in Chas. to our house for lunch...what was I thinking? I will have it catered by Sam's. They have good chicken salad, croissants and cake. So all I have to do is a salad and iced tea.
I still have to clean house somewhat and just get it together. Oh bother!

6) I have been to Wed knitting, Thurs knitting, Monday and Sunday knitting. In other words, I could be in a knitting group every day of the week. I went to these to eliminate the ones I did not want to join.

Decisions have been made!

I love the James Island group that meets once a week. I cannot go every week due to the distance from here, so I will go twice a month. The Sunday group is just too much, so that will have to be back to one or twice a month. The Summerville group only meets once a month, so that one I can keep.

The West Ashley group is changing to a more more pro-active group...in other words they want to do activities, etc. Don't know if I want to do that. So that one is on hold for a while. Not that I am anti-charity, I am just not in town on a regular basis, so I'm not very dependable.

Folk Art Fri is on hiatus til Sept. The redwork group is also nonexistent till Sept.

So the way it looks now is Monday two times a month, Summerville once a month and Sunday when it suits me. Whew, that was a soul searching exercise.

7.)I went to Spinning class last night. What fun! I can use my drop spindle now. I just need to practice. I want to go to a few auctions to see if I can find a small
wheel that is not too expensive. Yeah, me and 500 others want that.

8.) Clean Clean Clean. I have company coming in June.YEA!!!!! But as of this moment, only one extra bed and there are two coming.
Solution? I went to World Market and bought a chair that makes a twin bed. Hope that link works, it is very long. Go to World market and furniture and twin sleeper chair if you are really interested. I am wondering if I could use this in my camper? Small room, so when it is not a bed it is a chair. New chairCool. I will have my quilt done by then (YES I will, so hush) so the table will go back against the wall - instant walking space, plus a place to put the suitcase or bag or whatever. Yarn books, magazine, quilt books...so bedtime reading. I see an argument looming over who gets to sleep in a chair, so funny.

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aya said...

I'm looking for a sleeper chair for my office, and that would be perfect. Also, the table in that pic is really really cute too.

LOTS of projects! I just discovered a couple of days ago that I have only done 4 knitting projects this year, and two were just second socks!

Can't wait to come down in June! Thanks for having me! :D