Friday, May 22, 2009

Are you where you are supposed to be?

Whew, I have finally gotten past being overwhelmed. As suggested by one of my loyal readers, when feeling overwhelmed, one should just start another project. Isn't she a I did. but first...

Quilts are finished, mailed and received. I love the last one we did. It is a very old pattern, Churn Dashput together without using bordering strips.
I was surprised. It came out as a very feminine soft pattern. . All together, considering I had not done anything in the quilt world for years, they turned out fairly well. I just hope they get used. The more they are used the softer they become, and they are not heirloom quality.

Mother's Day luncheon went well. No one died of food poisoning. No one left in tears or called me back in tears, which has happened before. Families are sooooo strange, don't you think? There were all ages here from 8 to 87. I did not have to make our favorite mac and cheese, brownies with thick chocolate icing and deviled eggs, they were all provided. How wonderful.

I took the spinning class. I am so glad I did. If after 8 hours of work, all that I would have is a ball of yarn, that then has to be worked on some more, then that is not for me. When would I have time to start other projects? Lesson learned there. Sorry ames, unless you spin it, no family handspun yarn for handknit socks for you. I am so glad that I only invested about $20 in this instead of $400. (ames: WOE. Maybe you should look into dyeing! :D)

The paring down of the knit groups has gone well. Since some of the same people were in some of the same groups, by only going to some of them I still see some of them,sometimes. (That is Some sentence there, boy!)

I do not believe in coincidences. As I was told last night, in life you are never where you are not supposed to be. I have been drawn to the knit shop in our little town. I like the owner, friendly but not pushy. I like the staff, helpful but not smothering.

Last night there was a knit-in at the shop. It was the first time since I have been going there that I actually got to talk to the owner. Great glory be! We are from the same town, good ole podunk Macon, we went to the same elementary school and high schools, and attended the same church.

When I was growing up, children could ride their bicycles every where in their neighborhood, but not across Napier Blvd. As it happened she lived in the "no ride zone", so I never could have visited her. Plus she is about 10 years younger than I am, but isn't that weird? She was friends with my friends' younger brothers and sisters.

She, too, beat feet out of there as fast she could, faster than I did. She skipped her senior year and went straight into nursing school. We discussed how sad our school system was and how it was strange to try to tell your high school experiences because they were so different than the normal schools. Lots of fun. Who would have thunk it?

The knitted rug is about 2/3rds finished. One more ball of yarn ought to do it. I like the pattern and the yarn. The color changes help hide the mistakes. So smart.

The sweater has not been started. The 2 sock project languishes in the bottom of the to-finish basket.

More to come later. I have pictures of the quilt,the Newborns in Need meeting, and a trip to Daniel Island. I just have to figure out how to get them from camera to blog....oh bother.

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