Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Third of July

This is the second time that we have lived in South Carolina. Both times we have traveled to Myrtle Beach for one thing or another and passed Brookgreen Gardens. Each time we have said, we really need to stop there.The entrance is imposing with an aluminium statue of two large stallions that cannot be missed from the highway.Somehow this photographer missed them!
Plus gorgeous flowers around the entrance.
This year we met a friend and had a lovely picnic.Then we separated and each did our own sightseeing in the gardens.Erwin and I decided to do the zoo and the aviary. Plus a quick tour through some of the statues and gardens. We knew with the heat we could not do it all. So we planned (something new for us!) to come back and do the gardens and statues in the Spring.

The animals and birds in the zoo are all native to South Carolina. In the wild the animals or birds have been injured in such a way that the vets did not feel that they could survive on their own...or they had been hand raised and were too friendly. Brookgreen purchased these from vets, sanctuaries, etc and have them here for folks to enjoy. From the looks of the animals, they seem right happy......

Even though we live in a condo, we have a large wetlands area right behind our unit. We have set out a birdfeeder and have had more fun watching to see what comes to eat.

In the evening we can hear this fellow in the woods

Of course, since we did not take pictures of the picnic, it probably never happened.

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