Saturday, November 20, 2010

How we spent our summer

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Remember those horrible assignments that were given at the beginning of the year. Write an essay on how you spent your summer. There was always the kid in class that went someplace exciting, like the beach. ( I lived in hot as *&^%% middle Georgia at that time.) Then there were the kids whose parents had a place in the mountains.Our big treat was to drive to the lake for a picnic once or twice a summer. The rest of the time was spent trying to stay cool without AC.
Well now I feel like the special kid that had a wonderful vacation. Charles Towne Landing
We live in a beautiful city and I love to explore it. Charles Towne LandingWe have been blessed since we moved here with lots of out of town guests. This gives us the opportunity to see our city through the tourists' eyes.
Recently we had a wonderful visit from my aunt from Arizona and earlier our friends from NY. They wanted to see it all and we just about did. Of course, the camera was not with me at all times, but hey!I got what I could.
We did the Palmetto Carriage Ride. I did this years ago with one of the kids on a field trip. This time I actually got to hear what the guide was saying.
We have used this same tour company several times.Each time we have had a different tour guide and a different route.All were very good. All could talk, answer questions and drive a carriage through busy streets.
Did you know Charleston had the first Peeping Tom law?
With both sets of visitors we shopped the market.We went one day when the cruise ships weren't in. That was great. We went again when the ship had unloaded all its passengers on tiny little downtown. What a crowd! But we got some good bargains each time.
WE have visited the Tea Plantation, the winery, the distillery,churches, and just walked downtown.
The most magnificent sight we visited lately was Angel Oak. It is huge!

More about our hometown to come!

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