Saturday, December 4, 2010

Biedler Forest and Givhans Ferry

We took a day and went exploring in the county. Actually we were looking for a nice place not far from home that we could take our camper for the weekend. Our first stop was Givhans Ferry . It had been years since we had been there. In my genealogical research,I discovered that an ancestor had fought in a battle there during the Revolutionary War.

It is very pretty down by the Edisto River, but not too much else going on there.

We then went to Biedler Forest for the Nature Walk. I had been here in the Spring, but Erwin had never been. We went right around 3PM hoping that we could see some birds, but no such luck  Lots of swamp and cyprus knees, but only one bird. I was glad to find out that alligators don't like swamps.

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ames said...

Gorgeous pictures, Mom. I love Biedler Forest.