Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter at St. Matthews

We attend a beautiful Lutheran Church in downtown Charleston. I never really realize how much its beauty impacts my worship life until we go to a different church. Other churches, although beautiful in their own way do not inspire the tranquility and peace in my soul that  this one does.
I don't know if it is the high ceilings of the Gothic design that makes me feel that my prayers go higher, or the ornate windows that serve to keep out evil, the memories, or what; but St. Matthews bring peace to my soul. Long ago when we lived here the first time, I often came early to choir rehearsal  or a service just to sit in the sanctuary and reflect.

We moved back here and spent months going to other churches looking for a church home. Then I realized I was looking for St. Matthews closer to my home. At first I thought it was the music that I missed, but no other churches had organs, choirs and hand bells. then I thought it was the windows that I missed, but no all churches have windows. Maybe the pastor? No we have been through numerous pastors and St. Matthews is still St. Matthews.
I finally decided there is a particular smell, a unique light and a sense of well being that is here that resonates within me. Here is my church home.

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