Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Paris WifeThe Paris Wife by Paula McLain
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I did not know what to think when this book was chosen by my book club. I do not like Hemingway's writing and often question why he was chosen to represent the best of American authors in so many classes I took in college.

I do not usually like non fiction books. But then I found out that this was a fictionalized account of their marriage; so that made it a little easier to read.

The discussions at book club started as everyone came into the room Many conversations were carried over from the car rides to the meeting.

It was interesting to see the different attitudes members had toward Hadley. The words traditional, over her head, and not included were used often.Almost to a one no one cared for Hemingway as a writer but each of us was captured by his personality from beginning to end.

We were all disgusted by how much the characters drank, how totally self involved they were and how rich the rich could be.

We did think that this book gave a good contrast of definitions of the word "hedonism" and "victorian".

A lively discussion broke out over who needed whom the most-Would he have been as dedicated had he not had Hadley. Would she ever have left home had she not had Hem.And also over him leaving her out in his novel....

I loved the book.It is a good book for discussion. Plus now I think I want to read his short stories to see if I can find her influence in his writings.

It also lead me on a two hour internet search about Hemingway and Pauline, Hemingway and Spain,and literary criticism of his works.

I think he would be furious to find that she has become a person of interest.

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