Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It is such a great life

We are so fortunate to be able to live the life we want to live and to have the friends we have that love the same travelling life. 

Our Spring trip started off with a trip to the mountains in Waynesville, NC near the Blue Ridge Parkway.
We attended an SKP rally along with about 40 of our friends. Great fun, great food and very little rain. 
We stayed at Creekwood Farms on Jonathan Creek. Rather appropriate, don' t you agree?

 Every one really like the campground. The managers were friendly and as afar as I know no one had any troubles.We were right on the creek and some went fishing. No one in our groups caught a fish but one camper was hauling trout in as fast as he could wet a hook. The reservations system was a little iffy, but corrections were made.

The rally usually starts on Thursday and ends on Sunday. But we love to go at least a day early and greet the SKPs as they arrive.  We have a social time every day around 4:30 and either go out to dinner afterwards or have a pot luck dinner. I have been told they even have breakfast, but I have never been.Then on Saturday there is a short business meeting to go over the plans for the next get together in the fall and sometimes to elect officers.

 Most of the time is spent however with friends either sitting around talking, my favorite activity. Someone always has been somewhere they want to share with the group. We have been friends long enough now with some that we like catching up on their family's activities,too.Then there is always shopping in the nearby towns. The size of our rigs dictates what we can buy.

This time Erwin and I struck out on our own to see the mountains...Remember when I said there was very little rain?

I sort of did not mention the fog on the mountain nor the wind nor the COLD rain. This trip was a short one since we could barely see the hood of our car. Maybe next time.....

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