Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fixin to......

We are back in Goshen for the Montana Rally. We love Goshen. It has become our second home. We have talked and talked about why we like it and have to come to several conclusions.

  1. We are usually here for rallies which means we see friends from all over the country.
  2. It is rural and rather slow paced. We drive around and look at the farms, the animals, and the gardens.
  3. It is clean.
  4. We have good memories.
  5. We get the camper's problems fixed. Everywhere you look  there are RV salvage stores and parts stores.
The Montana factory is here. When we have a rally here the factory reps come and talk to all of the owners about the problems they are having. Either the reps sign you up for a repair at the factory or they make arrangements with your local camping store to have things repaired.

So far, each time we have had to stay here and get repairs done. Once it was a weld break. Once it was a big leak in the bedroom area and now it is a small leak in the living area and something wonky with the slide. The leak in the living area is growing beautiful mold..........yuk!

More repairs are being done. I am finally getting a new faucet . The one I have is supposed to swivel but it hasn't for years.

Right now there seems to be a problem removing the old one and installing the new. Reinforcements may be needed. 

Then there was the broken window blind.That, too, has been repaired. There is a guy here who gives classes on how to fix these day-night shades. Done!

That just leaves the water heater...(Have you ever noticed how many people say "hot water heater"? Why would I need to heat hot water?) It works then it doesn't. That seems to be a real problem.

Each trip we go on we have to designate some time for repairs. If you think of how many moving parts are in this thing and how many bumps, dips, and potholes we hit as we travel you can see why there has to be a make-and-mend day.

Back to why we love Goshen. Maybe it is the fairgrounds we like. It is very nice campground with full hookups and level sites. It is run by the 4H club of Elkhart County. The members are forever planting, grooming, mowing,etc.

Hmmmm this is a new sign. NOT good!

But the rest is still nice.

 Red begonia slippers.

 Got an old handbag you just don't want to throw out?

See, it is pretty and fixin' to get prettier...............

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