Saturday, April 19, 2008

Benson, Airplanes and Rocks

We are still in Benson at Saguaro Co-op Campground. From here we have visited all around the area doing a new place each day.
Our first trip was to Pima Air Museum. We spent almost an entire day looking at airplanes:

My personal favorite:

While Erwin was getting his airplane fix, I spent a lot of time outside watching these little fellows play:

This is also the home of the Air Force Airplane graveyard at Davis Montham Airbase.
There are acres and acres of old airplanes stored here to be either sold, scrapped or stripped for parts. Just acres and acres of your tax dollars sitting. this area was chosen for this graveyard because of the low humidity and the type of soil here that can support a lot of weight without being reinforced.

Our next day was spent hiking at the Cochise Stronghold Canyon. This is where the great Apache leader Cochise led his people.It is said he is buried in this canyon and only one white man knew where his burial took place on June 8,1874.

Later in the day we made our way to the Chiricahua Mountains, some of the most interesting rock formations we have seen on our trip. the rest of the post is just pictures of our trip through the mountains and taken from small trails we had to hike to get to overlooks....Enjoy!

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