Wednesday, April 16, 2008

El Paso and Benson, AZ

We arrived in El Paso finally. It was so strange to see so many people and cars after being in a town of 700 for so long.Our campground was awful the sites were small and the price expensive.

We were right in the middle of town. The crowning touch came when the man two campers down from us paraded all over the campground the day we left in his tiny, French, black silk charming, don't you think?
Our first stop in El Paso was Walmart to stock up on groceries, medicines, etc. Then we ate at a steak house that had been recommended to us by several people. It was worth the 30 minute drive.My steak could be cut with a fork. Delicious!
These are pictures taken from the restaurant. As you can tell it is quite picturesque.Quite a few movies and commercials have been filmed here.

We left the next day for Benson, Arizona. Five months in Texas. We still haven't had our fill.Thank goodness we had trains to watch. It was the most boring drive through the desert. Just mile after mile of this:

Benson is a winter home for many RVers. However most leave the 1st of April to return North.Our campsite is a Co-op. Someone owns the lot but rents it out when they are not in residence. This is one of the prettiest campgrounds we have been in. The lots are large and graveled. The streets are terraced so each site has a view of the Dragoon Mountains.

Our site has a small casita ( small house) The house is locked so we cannot even see what is inside.But we make great use of the porch and watch the quail, hummingbirds and Mexican Jays.

The dogs are very happy here. Buffy and Butch play every morning in the fenced dog run. Yesterday we took them on an off leash walk through the "wash or dry gulch" with two Whippets and their owners.I was a nervous wreck at first thinking that Buffy would get on a rabbit scent and run to California, but she was too interested in all the sights and smells to concentrate on one.The Whippets are used to these walks and come back when called. Our dogs learned quickly from them that to come back meant lots of attention and treats! The whippets, Clik and Gabe, by the way can leave our dogs in the dust when they decide to run!
More later and pictures, I promise.Just be sure that we are having a blast and doing the tourist thing every day we are here.

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