Friday, April 11, 2008

The wind here has been awful, so we haven't been able to do much. Gusts of 40-70MPH do not make hiking, walking or sightseeing fun.
We did go to Alpine, TX for lunch one day. On our way back to Ft.Davis we saw those weird looking animals at the top of this post. They are Barbary Sheep or Oudad's. They are raised here on farms for exotic hunts. So you can kill an African animal without ever getting to Africa. I have mixed emotions about this so we will let it pass. Make all the comments you wish.
We then stopped at the Chihuahuan Desert Research Facility. Here they study desert plant life and try to grow some of the rarer types. It was quite interesting and we would have enjoyed it more had the wind not been so bad. This whole facility is run on donations.
We wound up staying an extra 2 days just waiting the winds out. Think we go 60MPH to the West,the winds are coming out of the West at 70MPH, just doesn't do much for the MPG ratio, now does it? Firefighters here are very worried about grass fires. Erwin played with Flight Simulator and was quite impressed that the camper was rocking just as an airplane would be. Any thing for special effects.He also helped Chris around the campground when the wind wasn't too bad.We feel that we are leaving family we have spent soooo much time with Chris and Ronnie.

On to El Paso!

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ames said...

Ha, I thought the guy in that second picture was a Canadian Mountie. Too much Due South watching!

I am generally not fond of big game hunting, unless it's hunting with cameras and film. Deer, that's fine, it's population control (and delicious). But this African big game thing - no, I don't think so.