Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We are still here

Ok, this is how this has been working. We decide to leave the next day. Chris comes up with a project for him and Erwin to work on so we stay another night. This has been an ongoing scenario now for about 3 nights.Free nights, so we don't complain. Erwin and Chris are in the process of making the lighting here at the campground McDonald Observatory compliant. Apparently this campground was the brightest place in the county, but no more. They have also installed security cameras and an antenae for the WIFI.
Last night we all got together and watched John Wayne, Rio Bravo.According to the signs on the sheriff's office in the movie it was filmed in the next town, but we don't recognize the mountains. Where can we go to find out where it was filmed, any ideas?It was not on the DVD, can you believe it?
While Erwin has been working I have been putting our pictures in some order. Three years of memories.Eventually they will be on flickr.I am reading Tom Brokaw's book, Boomers, about the 60's. I am not a nonfiction reader usually but a lot of this I remember happening. It makes me about as uncomfortable reading it as it did back then listening to the news as it happened,so many parallels to the war in Iraq.
This is Chris, Erwin's boss, tee hee

This is Ronnie. She is the manager.

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