Saturday, April 5, 2008

Want to buy a campground ?

This must be the trip for interesting and unusual campgrounds. First we had the one with only 9 sites then this one. Day one we were out walking the dogs after setting up, when we saw 3 people sitting at a table. We jokingly asked if this was where Happy Hour was held, it was and we stayed for a couple of hours.

This is a nice open campsite at the foot of the Barilla Mountains and the Davis Mountains. Neat and clean. The bank has either bought it back from the owners, foreclosed on the loan, or called the loan.Anyway the bank owns it. A lady, Ronnie, works the registration office and a young man,Chris who stays here often, helps in the maintainance.

It is easily one of the best laid out campgrounds we have been in and one of the friendliest.

There is a beautiful house on the grounds, empty, a huge storage shed, empty, and one of the weirdest fire pits we have ever seen. One could have human sacrifice services there. It has got to be five feet deep.

Day 2 Erwin goes to buy ice and we are invited to dinner. One of the campers here had rigged up a redneck smoker out of a burner, chips and a cardboard box and had smoked sausage and a brisket...who says we don't know how to live?I had spent the most frustrating day trying to download pictures from my camera, grrrrr, so I was ready for some company.The cook and his wife have lived as full time campers for 17+ years. Now that is way too long for me to live in less than 290 sq ft, and their camper is much smaller than ours.

After dinner we stayed at the lodge and watched Battle Star Galactica on wide screen with surround sound, our private little theater. On our walk home, I was speechless by the sheer number of stars we could see with the naked eye. People, what you see now wherever you are is nothing compared to here. McDonald Observatory says it is the blackest sky in the nation and I believe them.
Today we took a rideon Texas Highway 166, a scenic highway. I will post pictures as I can.While we were in the area,we rode up to McDonald Observatory to buy his ticket.
it was advertised as a Wildlife viewing highway. We think these animals are antelope, maybe. the tree is there to show you that Spring is just around the corner.

Erwin is helping set up an antennae for the WIFI which already works well and has been given a free night's stay.Yes we are looking for other odd jobs he can do, ha!


ames said...

Pictures look good! And what a cute antelope!

Daki said...

Hello there, I know your daughter on LiveJournal and she posted a link to your blog. I just wanted to comment and say how much fun it is to read about your travels and see your pictures. I especially am excited to see the observatory. I think I must travel there some day and see the universe from the blackest sky in the country! Great blog. -Dakinigrl (Charissa)