Thursday, April 3, 2008

Literally on the road

This is so cool. I have my computer in the truck and can get on the internet. I love you Verizon.
We are on I-10W headed to Fort Davis TX. We just passed through Indian Mesa Windmill Farm, click here pictures to follow.I am good but not so good that I can post pix on the fly. Although I understand there is now a media card that will work with WIFI, will check that out the next time I am in Buy It Now.
We left this morning around 10 AM, stopped on the way and had a picnic and now it is just boring, boring driving. When you get excited about a windmill that is bad!
If we weren't pulling this camper we could go 80MPH but alas only 60 for us.
We have been to Fort Davis before. This time we will stay long enough that Erwin can go to the Observatory over and over again.The temperature is 91 and the humidity is 8%. Cannot get over the fact that humidity levels can be that low!
And then on to El Paso. I just read on a blog that one can purchase glasses cheaply in Mexico. Hope to check that out while we are there. Plus we had been told about a restaurant and that was on the blog too. Nice to have an advance scout for our trip!

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