Wednesday, April 2, 2008

San Angelo Texas

We are finally back on the road. We have been in Livingston TX at the Escapees Care Center volunteering again. Kaye had to go help her mother after she broke her leg and Erwin stayed at the center and volunteered for a few extra days til Kaye returned. But things worked out well and we hit the road on March 25th.

Our first stop was Lampasas, TX at this small campground with only 9 sites The sites were small but shaded. As luck would have it we were right next to the laundry. Good, huh.

Next door was this lovely llama that kept turning her rear to the camera for every shot.
We were told about this festival in the next town on Sat so we had to go.

Yep, you got it Diamondback Jubilee. Little did I realize we were talking poisonous snake. Snake hunters brought their catch to be counted, measured, caged and later sold.

There were teenagers, an old car show, and everything snake you can imagine..wallets, visors, money clips, etc.

We left the next day for San Angelo, TX. Our campsite is right next to Lake Nasworthy. It is shady and rather spacious. Today we went to play golf at the nine hole municipal golf course . You must realize this is maybe the third time I have been on a course. I did right well on holes 1 and 2. On hole 3 I powered up and struck the ball. It hit a cement ditch about 20 ft in front of the tee box, shot behind me, rattled around in 2 trees, and landed 35-40 behind me....Best hit of the day! I have never laughed so hard. Actually, I did beat Erwin on one hole. The rest of the of the holes were totally forgettable.

PLUS, we are totally hooked on Battle Star Galactica. We are watching Season 3 and waiting for 4 to start . We have it planned that we watch the last DVD on thurs and the new shows start on Fri.

Below are pictures of Sam Houston's grave, and animals we saw on the way to the Jubilee.

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