Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We tried to go to Tucson

We tried to go to Tucson one day. We have decided we are not really good at going to big cities. Other than Chicago, we don't even like big cities;but we gave it a try. That particular day construction crews cut the electricity lines into the historic part of town, so most things were closed or closing, Bummer. Had we gone the next day we would have seen a 15ft water geyser from a cut water main.....where did this crew come from?????
We consulted our travel book and found this jewel:

San Xavier Del Bac or The White Dove Mission is an amazing jolt to the senses. All around is the brown desert ground, no green, no blue just brown, then BAM in the middle of an Indian Reservation is this beautiful Mission. We watched a film about the restoration of the mission narrated by Linda Ronstadt who said that if neon had been available then the artist would have used it. Needless to say it is quite ornate. The restoration story was amazing. In this small space there are over 50 statues, all ornate and the style is very folk art. I was surprised at the number of visitors to this out of the way place.

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ames said...

Wow, that's gorgeous.