Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Technology

I am such the techno GEEK... I want a Sony book reader so bad I can taste it..why? Cause It is out there and I don't have it.. I want a small pocket book sized computer, see the afore mentioned reason. ( Is there such a word as "afore"? Sounds so much more learned than "Previously")
But ta da....My new phone...It is a Palm Centro, works from the Palm OS, which I am familiar with. It will not synch to my Palm, thank you Verizon since the system is set up to only work with Verizon, but I can beam things from my phone to the Palm....where there is a will there is a "work around", right?
I am still trying to find my way around all the things it can do. BUT the one thing that I did find that I could do is amazing. I can download my entire genealogy file into the phone. Can you imagine that! All 300+ people with their lineage right at my fingertips. Amazing. It takes fair pictures so that is good. I never intend for it to supplant my camera. I can access the internet, if I can figure that out...haven't tried, haven't needed to.
Sometime this week we plan to go downtown and take Spring pictures for all of you still frozen people. Everything here is in bud or bloom.

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aya said...

So now I know where Amy gets her techno-geekiness from! ;)

You would get along *so* well with my father - he found 3800 relatives in one fell swoop, up in Nova Scotia. He's totally into genealogy.