Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Things I am working on in my spare time

Strange things can happen in the land of genealogical research.
I was just looking over my files and thought just once more I will type my great grandfather's name in the search and see what happens. An explosion happened. I found his picture. He was very tall...what happened boys?
He sort of had that "Abe Lincoln 'look.
There is another picture, but it is not as good.
There is a man that lives in Yorktown, VA working on the Hines/Hinds side of the family. Mary Meece, my ggrandmother married a Hines before she married PF Baker. He had a few pictures of my grandfather, Luther and a picture of PF. His nickname was "Big Pete" and I can see why.
I know this is boring to some of you but it is amazing that I lived for 10 years near this relative and worked within 5 miles of his home.I am stunned that there are pictures from the 1800's floating around in 1's and 0's in space of my family.
Also funny that so much is written now about blended families, yet most of the families I have researched have had second families, and even up to 17 children that lived in the home from different families.
Maybe we are becoming a generation of complainers..always looking to blame some one for our unhappiness...but you know
You take your party with you....
The man has finally gotten interested in researching his side of the family now. Competitive spirit got him I guess...If I can find 2 photos he is sure he can find more, ha!
I have found another relative that fought in the Revolutionary War and lived in S.C.
Now I am trying to track down how one of my ggrands had so much land. He lived on what we would call a plantation, hmmmmm


ames said...

You need to tap into Daddy's competitive nature and get him SPINNING. :D (basically, I want homespun and don't want to have to do the work for it. Spindles are fun, but take forever.)

ames said...

also, yay, quilting again! Those look like pieces from my springy quilt Mema made me ages ago. But perhaps I have just imprinted on pink. It's really pretty.

I caught myself looking at fat quarters the other day at Hancock Fabrics; but I'm still scared of the sewing machine. So.

aya said...

love the quilt! :D