Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spin, Quilt ,Knit, Sew, and Repeat


This has been about the busiest month that I can remember. I have been on the go just about every day, and those days I have been home have been spent in my craft room.
I finished the second twin quiltQuilt and it is just as cute as the first one. That just leaves one more that is already cut out and on its way to being pieced.
Note: We have the quilt rack hung! Now to find the quilts that go on it. We have redone that section of our house three times and we still aren't satisfied, but it is better.

Talking about finding things. My cross stitch patterns were all missing. I have opened boxes, taken apart drawers and cabinets and searched high and low for them I was convinced they were in this house. Yesterday we went to visit our poor lonely camper out in the storage lot and there were my patterns. Whew what a relief. Since someone appropriated (stole???) my Charleston Sampler for her apartment I need to make me one....or send her the pattern to make me one. Bet I would get mine back lickety split!

Talk about losing things. I am still missing 2 quilts. Have not the foggiest where they are.

We went to the World Famous Grits Festival in St. George. Grits Festival
What a disappointment. We went years ago and it was great, but this time we went on Friday and maybe things weren't set up yet. There were very few crafts and those that were there were not of good quality and expensive. Plus the weekend before, a sister and I had gone to the Azalea Festival here in Summerville along with about 40,000 other people and it was fabulous. At the Grits Festival I bought a T shirt because it was lavender and that was it!

I have been to numerous Meet ups here in the area all to do with knitting.

Have you heard about If you are interested in starting a group or joining a group that has similar interests to your then go to MeetUps, put in your zip code and it will spit out all the groups in your area. Too fun.
I met a lady at one of the meeting that does the most beautiful pictures and has them on the web. Plus her blog is pretty funny too. I met another lady that works with an organization called Newborns in Need . Woo Hoo there go my baby hats to a good cause, right here in the area.

Darling daughter, you will be glad to know that I signed up for a drop spindle class here in S'Ville, May 4 and May 11. Can't wait!

I have been off and on working on a baby shrug. I finished it.Photobucket Due to the size yarn I used and the needle size, it will fit a small doll. But I now know how to pick up and knit and it turned out rather cute. Bought more yarn (Naughty, naughty) to do another one. This one is definitely a proto type.

I am still working on the genealogy thing. It is so much fun. I have had some really nice pictures sent to me that I will post soon. One is of my mother when she was about 18. She was a beauty! No wonder my dad treated her like royalty.

The redwork quilt is coming along nicely, but slowly. I have 3 blocks finished and 3 more to go then put it together and voila another project off the boards.

I have had nothing but computer problems lately. Slow to start...then found out every program I have was in the start up menu...How did that happen?? Then the network card quit. Plus Mr Security put an 18 digit password on the network. Guess he still thinks he has nuclear secrets or something, Geez! We have so many computers around here, I hate to get another one, but this laptop is about 8 years old at least. It has been reformatted and disk cleaned and still si slow..............
We will see..........


ames said...

Since someone appropriated (stole???) my Charleston Sampler for her apartmentI have no idea what you're talking about. ::whistles innocently::

That baby quilt is adorable. I'm still scared of my sewing machine, haha. My friend Cat is a sewer, and claims to know all about my particular machine, so I may drag her over some night to get me going.

aya said...

I think you retrieving that Sampler is a lost cause...

Love the quilt! Wish I had someone handy in my family to make me one. I may have to "appropriate" my sister's sewing machine (that she's had for THREE years, and is STILL in the box) and attempt one myself.