Saturday, June 15, 2013

Flowers, animals, and scenery from Golden Colorado

Yep, we are still here in our premier site at the Elks Lodge in Westminster, a suburb of Denver. Erwin is getting a lot of his little chores knocked off his list and I am....well what I am doing is going through our pictures and deleting the duplicates and organizing them and playing WWF and a bunch of other things too mundane to mention. Our anniversary was yesterday, Flag Day. So we celebrated by going on another long ride into the mountains. Love it! That is not a dirty camera lens. It is the smoke from Black Forest and Colorado Springs. First we went to the shrine of Mother Cabrini because I gave him the wrong turn, but it was peaceful and lots of pretty wild flowers. As we were leaving I looked down into a gorge and there was an elk. Now that was something we don't see at home. I made him stop, pull over, turn around, go back and get out with me, cross 2 lanes of traffic, take pictures, and act excited. What a guy! We went on to Lookout Mountain and talked to the docent there who told us how to get good pictures of the bison herd. Just as we were going down the mountain a deer appeared on the side of the road. Yep, she stood right by our truck and peed.A sight captured by Canon T1 Rebel in glorious color...... On we go.... up hill and down, just not over the side and no left turns Bless that old man's heart, not Erwin...the docent....we had a private viewing of the bison herd and the babies. We could not get too close and that is the strongest lens I have.
Those camel colored blobs are babies....... As we were leaving we spotted this UFO? on the side of the hill. No, it is really a $5000000 house. Whatever...........

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