Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The countdown has begun

We are finally getting out of here for a while. Can you believe it? When we bought this condo our plan was to use it as a home base but basically continue our roaming lifestyle.Then somehow and I am not sure just when, life intervened. Ain't that the way it always happens? Just as you settle down to a plan, BLAM life hits you fullforce. Ours came in the form of a family member being diagnosed with Alzheimers, a child moving back home, and getting way too involved with things in this sleepy little town.( See previous post and watch your head explode as you try to figure out where my time went.)We did manage to take our camper out a couple of weekends and husband and number one son ( chronologically !!!!!!) took an epic trip to Oshkosh, Wisconsin that began with two flat tires in less than 60 miles and the saga continued.But they had a wonderful time directing traffic on the tarmac. Pretty much, we stayed right here. I became very involved in a new church and still kept up with the reading (go to ), knitting, quilting, card making and family life. Now we are ready to go in nine,count them 9, days! We are leaving on the 18th. The family will be living in our condo while we are gone. First and most fun of all we will be meeting our camping friends that we have not seen enough of in Asheville for a couple of days, just a small group, but very important to us group.Then off to Marion, NC where we will meet much larger group for a rally. There will be entertainment, good food, classes, games and just setting-around-talking fun.From there the plan gets little murky thanks to me. Each day I come up with something else I want to see or do. Can you tell I am getting excited about all this?I am not even the least bit concerned about the tires, all the packing for all four seasons, the age of our truck, our age and these dogs.I just want to see this and that and oh yeah that over there. The trip planner is doing all he can do to keep us from zigzagging and backtracking through 48 states and yet work into the plan the absolute "must sees".As it stands now we are going Texas and the Rio Grande Valley for a week, then to Fort Davis,Texas to the McDonald Observatory ( guess whose idea that is) to Estes Park in Colorado for a sheep and wool festival and somewhere ride a steam train.As I said the days and destinations are not quite clear yet. Can I narrow my list down and pair it with his? Why should I have to narrow my list? Steam trains, bah, seen one seen them all...But no it is his trip too, so some sort of compromise that works in my favor has to be worked out.Our ultimate destination is Gillette, Wyoming where we will meet a BIG group of campers for over a week at a rally.Then the slow trip back home through Oshkosh so he can direct traffic on a tarmac for a week.

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