Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Trip to Mt. Evans In Idaho Springs, Colorado.

Hmmmm.... It seems to have fallen to me to plan the fun things to do. I think that I will take that as a compliment! So today I was looking Denver up on the internet and came across an entry in Trip Advisor that said something to the effect: It was beautiful, but I will never do it again.................Hmmmm

I second that emotion!
AS you will see in the pictures, Mt. Evans highway is the highest paved highway in the USA. The scenery was fabulous. The drive was tense. Some of the curves were so tight our truck had to go off the road to negotiate them. This ranks right up there with our off road adventure in the Big Horn Mountains.When will he ever learn not to take my word for things?" How bad can it be, I said....hahaha No talking, just gorgeous pictures of snow...Down the mountain it is almost 100 degrees.
There were bicyclist training for a race that is held here. Crazy!

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